There is a large amount of detail going into this game. Below gives some idea of how it's coming along.

Item Description Progress



Story Cause of the outbreak, what the world is like 10%
Modes Arcade, Ultimate, Mole 15%
Sounds Spatial sounds for player, weapons, zombies etc 70% 0.2
Menu Intro and Menu screen 0% 0.2
Weapons Shotgun, mines, rockets 40% 0.2
Improved Aiming Add new aiming system with recoil 0% 0.2
Graphics New sprites and textures 10% 0.2
Decals Make it possible to add decals in maps 0% 0.2
Solid Objects Make solid objects possible in map 0% 0.2
Particles Particles for explosions, sparks etc 0% 0.2

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