Each weapon should be as unique as possible. Players can hold up to 2 weapons.

Weapons are labeled by their model number and then given name in quotes.

Scope Mode: allows player to unlock the camera if using a sniper rifle or mortar so that they can shoot targets farther away.

Laser Sight: gun attachment which assists in aiming.

Suppressor: gun attachment which reduces noise and muzzle flash.

Tactical Light: gun attachment which illuminates an area.

Night Vision Goggles: allows player to see at night time or in dark areas.

Mine Detector: used to detect land mines.


Most guns are loaded with clips unless stated otherwise.

  • MM5 "MiniMa" - A belt-fed machine gun with a large ammo capacity (about 100 rounds). Player can carry another ammo box full of chained bullets but this will take up a weapon slot. Fires 5.7 mm spitzer rounds in full auto. Can penetrate walls, body armor and other obstacles.
  • BR7 - Bullpup machine gun that pushes back the target. Fires 7.62 mm hollow point rounds in three round burst mode. Clip holds 36 rounds.
  • S338 "Serene" - Semi-auto sniper rifle that fires 0.338 cal AP rounds or sub sonic ones (quieter but does not penetrate multiple targets). Clip holds 10 rounds.
  • S50 "Sincere" - Bolt action sniper rifle that fires 0.50 cal explosive rounds (holds 5). If the bullet hits the target in the head (hits near the middle) then it instantly kills. More accurate than the SR338. Rarely air dropped weapon (Hint: Save for Boss level zombies).
  • SSG4 "Medeiga 4" - The "Holy Grail" of firearms. A weapon system hybrid between a shotgun and sniper rifle in a portable package. Semi-auto sniper rifle that fires 5.7 mm spitzer rounds from 4 barrels (top/bottom/left/right) simultaneously. Can penetrate walls, body armor and other obstacles. Standard magazine holds 8 rounds, which does not fit in the MC5 or P5 (too small). One mag feeds each barrel (total 32 rounds). Can use MC5 and P5 mags but not recommended (although sometimes UDC mercenaries ignore this). Mobility goes out the window if not using standard magazine size. Must be manually chambered if shooting sub sonic rounds (time consuming). Cannot attach suppressor (rounds from other barrels would end up hitting it).
  • SG12 - Semi-auto 12 gauge shotgun with a 8 shell magazine.
  • MC5 - Can be dual wielded. Fires 5.7 mm spitzer rounds in full auto that can pierce body armor or sub sonic rounds (which can't). Standard magazine holds 40 rounds but can accept the P5's clip.
  • P5 "Medeiga 5" - Semi auto pistol that fires 5.7 mm spitzer rounds which can pierce body armor or sub sonic rounds (which can't). Can be dual wielded. Most commonly air dropped weapon. Standard magazine holds 20 rounds but can accept the MC5's clip.
  • R46 "Medeiga 6" - Can be dual wielded. Autorevolver with inverted barrel that fires 0.460 HP rounds (holds 6). Most accurate hand gun and delivers the most damage per shot.


  • L10 - Laser gun with 100% accuracy. Only has 1 shot per charged battery but pierces through everything dealing large amounts of damage. Most rarely air dropped weapon.
  • RL85 - Rocket launcher that releases a shaped charge towards the target.
  • G40 - Can fire different types of grenades.
  • Flame Thrower - Rarely air dropped weapon. Can be used to light areas on fire.
  • Mortar - Long range explosive weapon.


  • Fragmentation - standard grenade. Explodes upon impact.
  • Freezer - freezes target upon impact.
  • Incendiary - lights target on fire.
  • Sticky - sticks to target and explodes after a few seconds.
  • Stun - blinds and deafens those within the immediate area.
  • Smoke - used for screening movement or signalling.


  • Sword - Can be dual wielded.
  • Knife - Can be dual wielded and thrown.
  • Shield - Can be be dual wielded and used to block or ram targets.
  • Field Spade - Can be used as a weapon or to dig holes.


  • Freezer - Freezes target once stepped on.
  • Fragmentation - Radial explosive that triggers when stepped on damaging targets within the area.
  • Tripwire - Radial explosive that detonates once wire is tripped.
  • Hades - Focuses all explosive power on what stepped on it.
  • Incendiary - Engulfs the area in flames.


  • Turret - Chain gun turret that automatically attacks nearest target. Takes 5.7 mm spitzer round ammo boxes.
  • Sandbag - Used to barricade positions.

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